Yoga from Home: 3 tips to crush it !

Many people in metropolitan cities find comfort in going to yoga classes after work or on weekends. Yoga classes provide a calm, slow-paced, and relaxing environment in contrast to the ever noisy, distracting world.

When the pandemic took over suddenly, the noises and distractions came to a halt. No more yoga meetups after work. The only option is yoga from home.

Yoga from home doesn’t have to be boring and limited. It can be fun and lively.

Let’s dive right into 3 tips that help you crush your home session whether you do it yourself or via online training.

Set up your yoga from home in a minimalist way

Your headspace is important for a successful yoga session. To clear out all the distractions, clean up your room, and make enough space.

If you practice in the living room, make sure no dishes or leftover food is on the table. If you practice in the bedroom, make sure your clothes are neatly folded, your phone is put away, your mat is in a space where any yoga pose won’t be hindered.

Open the windows for fresh air, let your favorite tune hum in the background. Warm lighting such as a candle helps adjust and relaxes your eyes when you look at the TV or laptop.

Aromatic incense eases your mind and helps you focus better. So, pick what suits you.

Develop a consistent routine before each yoga session

Practising yoga from home isn’t limited to getting up and jumping right onto the mat. Setting up a routine to pace and ease yourself into the yoga session is the best way to do it right.

Morning time is arguably the best. Before that, rise up early and detoxify. Spend as little as 5 minutes for meditation and visualization for what you want to achieve that specific day, and get ready to be on your yoga mat.

Maintaining a consistent routine along with yoga makes you productive for the rest of the day.

Connect and inspire others through your online training

Training online is not as intimate as in person? Only if you let your perspective define your habit.

By creating space, getting warmed up before any yoga sessions, and being genuinely excited and passionate, you can inspire your friends to join the “Yoga from Home” sessions with you.

Make sure to extend an invitation of online training to like-minded individuals at least a few days ahead of your planned session. Set up your microphone, wifi, and a nice background to draw people in.

Imagine you are at a cafe and getting to know new people. People become less awkward online when you create a friendly environment.


Yoga from Home can be super fun, and creative activity once you do it right. Preparation, space and positive energy are all that you need to crush your yoga session with yourself or with your friends.

The No-equipment Workout Routine

During quarantine, you don’t have to be trapped inside, sitting on the couch and feeling unproductive. Fortunately, we live in an age where one click of a finger can take us to an online fitness class and video anywhere in the world. All you need is plenty of space in your home and a mat and you’re good to go!

Never before have workouts and fitness been so digitized. People take it to home workouts and live online sessions. Even celebrities all over the world are doing Wellness Wednesday, offering their healthy recipes and workout routines and challenges. Why not join the movement now to bounce back fitter and stronger after the Corona pandemics is over?

We will cover a quick, intense workout routine for you during this self-quarantine. For me, I usually opt for intense and quick cardio training in the morning, followed by a slower, more relaxing yoga and meditation session in the afternoon or evening. Sometimes if I wake up really aching, I would add a quick 10-minute energizing yoga stretch before my workouts as a warmup. Without further due, let’s get started!


Quick 5-10 minute warmup, including high knees, jumping jacks, footwork, and simple stretches. Next, we go right into our morning workout.

  1. Get a round firm bottom
    I usually include all types of squats in my workout routine. Whenever I have to get to work early, I opt for the classic squat. Ultimately, as long as you work out your glutes, you’re good to go. For this exercise, we will do 60 squats in total. You can take 15 seconds breaks after every 30 squats.
    Finally, I end the squats with a one-minute glute bridge to wind down.What about arms and legs
    Total estimated time: 2 minutes
  2. What could be better in our bikini and swimsuit than toned legs with no inner thigh fats and lean arms? This workout will take you no more than a few minutes!
    Start off with 30 pushups for arms. You can do this either with your back facing the floor or with your chest facing the floor. Remember slow, steady movement to work your muscles all the way through.
    Next, we move to 30 side lunges for our legs.
    For inner thighs, lie on your mat with one hand to support your head, then lift your thigh and pulse it in small frequency for 30 seconds on each leg.Burn away those belly fat
    Total estimated time: 2 minutes
  3. These core-focused exercises will help tone down and build up muscles in your abs.
    30 plank taps then lower down to plank for another 30 seconds.
    30 seconds of mountain climbers.
    Then end with 30 sit-up crunches and one-minute Russian twist
    Keep in mind that abs exercises should be done at the end of the workout. As you may already know from your daily workout, working your abs muscles takes a lot of energy. If you do it early, the whole workout will be less energizing and optimal.
    Another thing to remember is to couple up abs exercises with activities such as walking, aerobics, swimming, or bicycling to achieve the optimal results. Working out in one place alone won’t take away all those fat bellies!


After lunch at about 12:30pm, I love to do quick 10-minute meditation where I let my thoughts go and observe them from afar. Surprisingly, I get vitalized and stress-free after every meditation session. Try this and see how productive and focused your day goes!

Before bed

I find that yoga helps me sleep better and removes all the aches and kinks from working in front of the computer or from working out too hard. Just 20 minutes per day is enough. I usually follow Youtube channels such as Yoga with Kassandra or Yoga with Adrienne because of their soothing voice quality, graceful movement, and easy-to-follow instructions.

Attend live online class on Zoom

Recently, I have been active in keeping up with some routines through a live online class on Zoom. I find this as effective as working with a personal trainer. It’s interactive and fun. Zoom workouts are full of passionate people who want to improve their lives and stay positive together during the quarantine. I know I’m not alone and thus more motivated to keep myself fit.

I am doing yoga with Miranda Kerr (former Victoria Secret model) since she invites special guests who are experts in yoga and wellness on her channel. Also, I organize Zoom workouts and yoga sessions through Eventbrite with my friends and invite people in.

There are a few other paid online classes I have been following for years such as Alexis Ren 30-day challenge and Charlie Meister’s 6 weeks worth of intense workouts and meal plans. What’s your favorite live online class?

Things You Can Do To Stay Positive during a Lockdown

COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a profound impact on our lives. Lockdown can be emotionally stressful for many, but we can overcome it by actively working on being more mindful.

I researched conventional stress management tactics and came up with four simple ways to break the ongoing monotony. From meditation to working out, these methods will help you achieve a positive state of mind in a difficult time.

Maintain contact  

As humans, we are drawn to other people. Besides the obvious reason of us being social beings, studies suggest social interaction can release Oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone”. Oxytocin elevates mood and reduces anxiety and pain. The lack of social interaction, therefore, leads to lower Oxytocin levels and increased stress. 

Due to social isolation during the pandemic, you have likely felt those effects on yourself. To make sure you’re maintaining a healthy level of social interactions, you can: 

  • Find an accountability buddy: Find one person you enjoy communicating with and plan daily check-ins. Having someone to uplift and reassure you every day can significantly help in stress reduction. 
  • Organize group calls: This is a fun thing to do once or twice per week. Gather a group of friends, and play games together, eat dinner, or organize a group watching a film or a video. 
  • Join an online community: Being alone at home no longer means you can’t meet new people. Find a support group, a community with similar interests, or learn something new in a live online class.  

Attend a Live Online Class 

Being stuck at home is difficult, but it is also an amazing opportunity to learn something new. If you ever wanted to try a live online class, now is a great time to do it. You have more time on your hand and fewer distractions. 

When picking a perfect class for you, focus on the things you always wanted to learn and improve. Additionally, think about what could help you cope better with the current situation. Attending a live online class is also a great way to combat solitude as you get a chance to communicate with your teacher and classmates. 

If you’re not sure what class would be best for you, here are some of our ideas: 

  • Meditation Classes: Although many articles cover meditation, nothing can replace real-time instruction and feedback from your teacher. You’ll be able to learn different techniques and how to incorporate them into your life. With time, meditation will help you to feel in control and at peace when facing any life challenge.
  • Culinary Classes: Quarantine has got many people worried about eating healthy. Why not take this time to work on your cooking skills? Learn to make your favorite dishes or focus on studying nutrition to build a healthy diet you enjoy.  
  • Fitness/Yoga Classes: You can take this time to study the theory and practice of yoga, fitness, or any other physical exercise. You will learn about the proper way to do the exercise but also become more motivated to stay physically active during the lockdown.  

Stay Active

Even if you don’t have access to the gym or a studio class, it’s still important to stay active. Besides keeping us in shape, exercise also releases endorphins. This group of hormones, among other things, boosts our mood and acts as a natural painkiller.  

So, how to exercise? Possibly the best thing you could do, if you’re able, is simply going for a walk outside. This will activate your whole body while increasing mindfulness and connecting you to nature.

Otherwise, if you have weights at home, you can try to follow one of the many trainers who released their programs online. You could also find a bodyweight, cardio, or yoga class. Yoga can be an excellent choice during this period. It works on both stretching and strengthening your body and increasing mindfulness through meditation. There are now countless yogis who share their videos online. That gives you a unique opportunity to choose a teacher who best fits your personality and needs.

Pick up a Hobby

Quarantine is a great time not only to learn new things but also to do hobbies that usually do not have time for.

Hobbies help keep you productive and your mind active. No hobby is better than the next one – having any kind of creative outlet can make an impact on your day.  

Regardless of your chosen hobby, try to schedule a time for it. It can be the same time every day, or only a couple of times per week. By scheduling it, you are more likely to do it, and your days will feel more structured.  

Additionally, if your hobby allows that – try to create a goal. By having a goal, you will boost your motivation and feel accomplished when you reach it.  

By doing things you love, you will not only survive the pandemic but will get something positive from it. If nothing else, you will grow to be happier, positive, and more mindful about yourself and the world that surrounds you.